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What is Deal Management?

Deal: any person or a company which offers potential business opportunity is known as a deal. Managing deals is one of the most crucial responsibilities of sales reps as it directly affects revenue growth. Manual data management is a thing of the past where people used to stack up data in files and struggle with multiple case sheets to find the right one.

Sounds tiring? It indeed is. Eliminate tons of paperwork, manual labor, and tiring office hours with Centrahub's deal management software. Comfortably manage opportunities and convert deals faster with our robust deal tracking software. You can create deals, specify the probability of sale, estimate a closing date, track deals till closure, and do much more to witness mounting productivity.

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Define Deal Status

Simplify deal management by filtering deals according to their status. Enable custom fields to assign deal status such as new, potential, won and lost deals, etc. Instantly judge your sales progress by monitoring the deal status and take necessary actions to progress forward. Prioritize deals which require immediate attention and process them faster to delight your customers.

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Identify Lead Sources

Businesses invest time and effort in generating quality leads but often tend not to look back and evaluate their lead source. With Centrahub's deal tracking software, automatically detect the lead source of each registered deal and find out which lead source works best for you. Take informed decisions and streamline your marketing and content distribution strategies to generate quality leads.

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Define Deal Stages

Irrespective of the industry, every business undergoes definite stages of a sales life cycle. With Centrahub's deal management software, view and update deal stages on the go in just a click. From prospecting for new leads to closing a sale and asking for a reference, define and customize each stage to reach your business goals and manage deals better.

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Assign status and prioritize tasks

Raise Quotes and Sales Orders

Ensure maximum profit margin for each deal by raising invoices, and negotiating with clients before you close the sale. Draft personalized quotations and sales orders with Centrahub's pre-fabricated email templates from inside CRM. Also, save time, and dime automating thank you email drip campaigns after the sale. Delight your customers with prompt service and generate a loyal customer database.

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Deal-tracking Made Easy

Get access to a 360-degree view of any deal in your sales pipeline. Set milestones, add tracks to each product or service you sell, define the source of a deal, assign goals to individual team members and track their progress, identify untouched opportunities, analyze your total goal value and last but not the least, define the reason for winning or losing a deal. Centrahub's deal management software analyzes and tracks each stage of the sales life cycle and helps you compete with yourself to generate better results.

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