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Create and manage contacts

Create and Manage Contacts

Centrahub's sophisticated contact management software helps you maintain a healthy relationship with your prospects and customers. Create contacts with detailed information such as contact source, address, phone number, etc. to enhance client communication. Personalize customer interactions through various insights on your contacts over a single platform. We ensure your team experiences the best contact management software with our robust tools and techniques.

Shareable contact information

Shareable Contact Information

Assist your sales team in the pre-sales and post-sales stages with the necessary contact information required to process deals faster. Centrahub's contact management CRM offers a flexible platform which supports data sharing across different verticals such as sales, marketing, and support departments.

Shareable contact information
Advanced Filters and Search

Filters and Search

Struggling to find the right contacts when you need them the most? Not anymore. Search and find any contacts or organization within seconds with our latest search bar technology. Leverage our advanced search filters with tags to segregated and search through your contact database. Tags help you find data from any nook and corner of the software in less than no time.

Scheduling tasks and appointments

Scheduling Tasks and Appointments

One of the best contact management features would include creating and scheduling tasks and appointments. Centrahub's contact database software comes with a special tool kit which enables its users to schedule tasks and appointments to meet their client's demands. Create and share tasks with your teammates to never miss a deadline again. Enhance team productivity by automating recurring tasks to save time and dime processing your business requirements.

Scheduling tasks and appointments
Track contact activity

Track Contact Activity

It feels good to know what's working and what's not. Therefore, Cenrahub's contact management CRM comes with contact activity tracking abilities. Track lead activities with the help of web analytics to know what attracts them towards your web page. Know what web pages your leads visited, how much time they spent on each web page, what's the bounce rate for individual pages, etc.

Inside the CRM, track email open rates, unsubscribers, and the number of links clicked to review and enhance your marketing strategies to maximize ROI.

Import and export your contacts

Import and Export your Contacts

Easily import contacts from various sources such as google docs, email, spreadsheets, etc. on to a single platform. Automate importing contacts by syncing your email with Centrahub's contact management software. Centrahub automatically imports contacts from various sources once you sync them with your CRM.

Import and export your contacts
360-degree view of a contact

360-degree View of a Contact

Centrahub offers a one-stop-shop solution to your contact database management. View complete contact information such as communication history, social media profiles, likes and dislikes of your target contacts. Easily share contacts across various verticals of your organization and help them catch a birds-eye view of their prospects and customers. Leverage the available information to personalize marketing tactics to your target audience.

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