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360-degree customer view

360-degree Customer View

Juggling between various channels to access customer data? Not anymore. Centrahub's sales CRM offer a single platform to unify all your contact data information. Create contacts, and update relevant contact data such as date of entry, tickets raised, follow-ups conducted, phone calls made, active social campaigns, etc.

Centra CRM automatically logs in any reactions made by your leads, prospects, and customers, making it easier for your sales team members to learn all about their target audience before they make contact.

Allocate leads to simplify lead management

Allocate Leads to Simplify Lead Management

Not understanding why your leads keep leaving you? We have just the right solution you're hunting. Streamline incoming leads and organize them into various custom categories to simplify lead management. Leads if not nurtured precisely, will lose interest in your brand and eventually unsubscribe from your emails and newsletters. Avoid un-organized efforts and start drafting personalized marketing campaigns to nurture your leads right. Create customized tags and categories, and automatically assign leads to team members to ensure your leads are treated right.

Allocate leads to simplify lead management
Make calls using CRM

Make Calls Using CRM

Jumping back and forth between your desktop and mobile phones? Avoid tedious work procedures and make calls from inside your CRM. Call your leads, make notes, update lead status while you are on the call and do much more with Centrahub's sales CRM software. Integrate with your favorite cloud communication platforms to make and receive calls and text messages directly into your CRM.

Schedule appointments and tasks

Schedule Appointments and Tasks

Sending and receiving emails back and forth to schedule an appointment is a thing of the past. With Centrahub's online appointment scheduling software, you can now schedule appointments and meetings in a single step. Generate an online link to schedule your appointments and share it across your contact database via emails, social media platforms, website, etc. Assign tasks to team members to help them meet deadlines and set reminders so that you do not leave a customer unattended.

Schedule appointments and tasks
Easily manage sales pipeline

Easily Manage Sales Pipeline

Do not overload your sales reps with manual deal tracking. Upgrade to Centra CRM and automate deal tracking with inbuilt sales CRM tools. Create deals with drag-and-drop options and track their progress through a visual sales pipeline. Nurture deals through the sales pipeline via emails, phone calls, text messages, etc. from inside the CRM. Update deal status while you converse with your leads and make notes for future reference.

Create quotation and sales order

Create Quotation and Sales Order

Creating quotations and sales orders is now easier with Centrahub's robust quotation management features. Create quotations, attach price books and product catalogs and send it to selected contacts from inside the CRM. Select from our wide range of templates and quickly create quotations and sales orders and convert them into invoices once the client responds in favor of the quotation. Centrahub's robust sales order processing helps you automate the process of sending quotations once the lead qualifies a predefined threshold score, or expresses any interest in your products or services. Apply discounts and personalize your sales quotes and send it for approval from the higher authorities to successfully convert a sale.

Create quotation and sales order
Centralized document management

Centralized Document Management

Upload all your sales, marketing, and support related documents on to a single document library offered by Centra CRM, and access these files anytime, anywhere from your CRM platform. Share documents from inside the CRM whenever necessary across different team members and record every engagement the third person makes with your files. Sign up to witness centralized document management, after which you wouldn't want to go back.

Forecast analysis

Forecast Analysis

Centrahub's sales automation software makes sales forecasting an easy job. Access real-time reports and analytics, which help you forecast sales in less than a minute. Visually run through various deal status and track deal progress to understand and forecast sales accurately. Compare closed deals against existing deals and read through various graphical representations of previous sales reports and forecasted sales reports to come up with a figure. Assign benchmark for your sales team to work towards, with our robust sales forecasting technology.

Forecast analysis
Receive real-time alerts

Receive Real-time Alerts

Sales profession is a busy job in which sales reps often tend to forget various tasks which require follow-up. But not with Centrahub's real-time alerts, change the way your sales reps operate by automating real-time alerts, which help them keep track of their business processes. Send email, mobile phone, and desktop notifications and alerts and never miss another follow-up.

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