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Create, store, and deploy custom web forms with no coding knowledge

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Leverage Custom Templates to Draft Appealing Web Forms

Mundane web forms are a thing of the past. Leverage our prefabricated custom templates to create eye-catching web forms and encourage participation. Customize your web form designs with our drag-and-drop web form builder and choose from our wide range of custom templates, add your brand logo, and market it as your own.

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Custom Web Forms on Your Landing Pages

Centrahub's flexible landing page form builder is all that you need to build and execute a web form on any of your landing pages. Create personalized web forms and embed them with a simple code on your websites, landing pages, emails, etc.

We also help small businesses which do not have a website build web forms and deploy them on their landing pages for any specific campaigns they wish to run.

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Multi-purpose Web Forms

Create multi-purpose webforms which cater to various business needs. From gathering market insights to collecting customer feedback, build any web form in minutes with our easy-to-use online web form builder. Create data collection forms, feedback forms, quotation request forms, customer suggestion forms, and many more with minimum effort and no coding knowledge.

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Generate New Leads with Every New Web Form

Centrahub's online web form builder has built-in CRM, which automatically aids in lead generation. Assist your sales team in generating quality leads with our robust web to lead forms. Autosave contacts who submit web forms in your CRM database along with their available contact information.

Nurture new leads by adding triggers to send thank you and welcome email campaigns automatically as a person submits a web form. Convert new leads into potential buyers by continuous nurturing, and timely follow-ups.

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Import and Export Data

Centrahub's web form builder facilitates easy import and export of data. Import information from your web forms into your CRM platform and simultaneously export data from your CRM when necessary. Facilitate easy access to customer data anytime, anywhere.

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