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Create campaigns

Create Campaigns

Campaigns are automated emails which run according to a predefined set of rules. You can automate campaigns by assigning triggers depending on your prospects interactions. For example, automate a welcome campaign when a lead gets registered in your CRM database. You can create and send multiple campaigns to target audiences at different stages of the customer lifecycle. Centrahub's drag and drop options help you create simple and complex campaign workflows with minimal effort. Customize and modify your campaign at any point with the help of nodes. Add nodes to send emails, make an enquiry, calculate lead scores, etc.

Create multichannel campaigns

Create Multichannel Campaigns

Create multichannel campaigns to widen the reach of your audience via email marketing, telemarketing, SMS, social media marketing and newsletters, etc. Launch campaigns and measure results from various platforms to maximize ROI. Choose from our wide range of campaign nodes to customize your campaigns to different channels.

Create multichannel campaigns
Effective deal management

Effective Deal Management

Customize your campaigns to different deal stages to drive leads through your sales funnel. From creating a new deal to following up and closing the deal, send targeted campaigns to drive desired results. Set deal milestones using nodes, and monitor your team performance and encourage them to close deals on time.

Email campaigns made easy

Email Campaigns Made Easy

Save time and dime automating your email campaigns with our robust campaign management tools. Draft emails, choose the time you want to send emails, and the time gap between each email and select the recipients you wish to send emails for a particular campaign and automate the entire process in a single click. Create multiple email campaigns and add triggers to automate emails whenever required.

Segregate your contacts based on location and automate location-based campaigns to target customers geographically. You can also personalize your email campaigns by addressing the emails to the receiver's first name and customizing the body of the email.

Email campaigns made easy
Effective campaign templates

Effective Campaign Templates

Get started with your email campaigns with pre-fabricated email campaign templates. From sending a simple welcome campaign to automating your payment quotations, we have all the necessary campaigns in store to help you get started. Either choose from our wide range of campaign templates or customize and modify an existing campaign according to your requirements.

Import and export campaigns

Import and Export Campaigns

Love our product? We also help you export campaigns from the CRM platform and import campaigns from your desktop or the web. We support flexible work environments to help you perform better.

Import and export campaigns
Effective contact database

Effective Contact Database

Streamline your contact database and effectively manage leads throughout your sales pipeline with multiple automation capabilities. Centrahub's marketing campaign management software identifies lead activities and scores them according to the interactions made. Once a lead from the contact database reaches the threshold score, the campaign management software automatically forwards this lead to the sales team as it is marketing qualified.

Real-time analytics

Real-time Analytics

Drafting campaign strategies requires focus and collective efforts from different team members. Do not let your efforts go in vain. Track and analyze your campaign metrics to measure performance. View various reports which mention email open rates, the number of links clicked, spam complaints and bounce rates, etc. Centrahub's sophisticated real-time analytics help you keep track of individual campaigns while you monitor and modify campaigns to drive maximum ROI.

Real-time analytics

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