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Create and manage multiple accounts

Create and Manage Multiple Accounts

Employees from different hierarchy deal with different departments of the same company. Centra Hub CRM helps you create multiple accounts within a single company and allows you to attach these accounts to their parent company to ease your business operations. View all the accounts created under a single organization to help you sell efficiently.

Identify the lead source

Identify the Lead Source

Create accounts combing lead data as per your requirements. Immediately identify the lead source once you open an account and segregate your lead data according to the lead source to create campaigns. Target your audience with the right campaigning strategies to deliver the right message to the right person.

Identify the lead source
Account document management

Account Document Management

Centra Hub CRM's account management software helps you communicate better by uploading the right documents in just a click. Upload and send documents from our cloud, the web, or your desktop and mobile phone to help you close deals faster.

Centra Hub CRM's sales account management tools assists you with all the related accounts while you are dealing with any top clients to understand the ongoing deals and closed deals of the existing client to help you upsell and cross-sell.

Account reports and dashboards

Account Reports and Dashboards

Centra Hub CRM's robust reporting capabilities help you identify high revenue generating accounts, which you can prioritize. Use color codes to highlight the accounts which require immediate attention. Prioritize and close deals faster with customizable dashboards to offer you a 360-degree view of an account.

Account reports and dashboards
Real-time notifications

Real-time Notifications

Keep your finger on the pulse of your customers' activities with our real-time notifications and address their needs in less than no time. Delight your customers by offering superior customer experience with the least response time. Receive desktop, mobile phone, and email notifications when a customer makes contact and solve queries on the go.

360-degree view of an account

360-degree View of an Account

Centra Hub CRM's account management software unifies all your account management efforts on to a single platform where you can view all the details of individual clients such as ongoing projects, related deals, history of an account, etc. Monitor projects by viewing their status and push your team to close deals faster. Proactively send status updates to your clients from within the CRM to promote a coordinated project management environment. Modify your customer interactions according to the available account information to personalize your communications.

360-degree view of an account

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