web to request in centra hub crm

Web to Request


Field Specification of Request mapping template:

setup template details
  • Template Detail:
Template Name

Enter the template name of the request template.

Template type

Select the template type as ”Web to Request a part” from the drop-down list.


Enter the description related to the template.

Active/Auto convert

Select the active or auto convert depending on your requirement for converting the web to request.

Mapping Detail: These are the database field where you are creating web form fields of that database field.

setup template mapping fields in centrahubcrm

Enter the name for which you are mapping the request.


Enter the code for easy identification.


Select the location where you want to map.


Enter the owner of the Request.

setup template assignment information
Assigned To

From the drop-down list select the person for whom the request is assigned.

Identify customer by using

Select the source through the customers are identified.

Email on success

Enter the message on the success of the email.

Email on error

Enter the email message on the failure.

Return Email template on success

Select the email template on the success.

Return Email template on error

From the drop-down list select the email template on error.

Return URL

Enter the URL on the submission of web form for the request.

Return on error URL

Enter the URL for the error message.

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