task management in centra hub crm


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Fields Description for a New Task

  • 1. Task details: To define the task information.

Enter the subject of the task.


Select the status of the task from the drop-down list.

Assign To

From the drop-down list, Select to whom the task is assigned.

Related To

Select module for which task is related.

Contact Name

Enter the contact of the person.

Due date

Select the due date of task to be completed.


Define the priority of task from the drop-down list whether it is low, high or medium.

Email Notification

To send an email notification of a task. Select the check box of send email notification.

Email Template

Select email template from the drop-down list for email notification.

  • 2. Additional information: Enter the additional information related to the task.( Phone No. and Email of the contact)
  • 3. Reminder: Set a reminder to your task for notifying beforehand.
setup remainder fields
  • 4. Click on the Save and Task is created.

Note: You have Save and New option to save the current task and automatically load a new page to create a new task or Cancel to cancel the current task creation.

1. View

To view all the type of tasks. You can even select from the drop-down list in view.

2. Edit

To edit the task on the home page.

3. New

From the home page also you can create a new task.

4. Actions (3Dot)

To perform various kinds of activities.

5. Look-in

To sort the tasks which are created by the specified user.

6. Split

To view the task list in the split view screen.

detailed view of a task
1. Edit

To edit details regarding the task.

2. Clone

To clone the selected task and enter the desired details.

3. Print

To print the task.

4. Delete

To delete the task.

5. Tags

Create tags and use these tags anywhere in the module.

6. Activity stream

Shows all the activities related to the task.

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