standard dashboard in centrahubcrm


1. Edit

To edit the dashboard information in detail view page.

2. Look in

To sort the Dashboard which is created by the specified user.

3. Delete

To delete the dashboard if it's not required.

4. New Dashboard

From the dashboard page also you can create a new dashboard.

5. Actions

To perform various kinds of activities.

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  • 3. Click on the Edit button of any individual dashboard then you can view the detailed information of that dashboard.
customize dashboard layout
1. Edit properties

To edit properties of dashboard regarding any formats, title, etc.,

2. Save

To save the dashboard.

3. Save as

You can rename the title of the dashboard by using the save as button.

4. Close

To close the dashboard.

5. Actions

You can perform actions on the detail page of the dashboard.

6. Layout style

To set the format of columns of the dashboard.

7. Edit

To edit the reports in the dashboard.

8. Delete

To delete reports in the dashboard

  • 4. Overview of the dashboard is displayed on the Home Screen of the CRM.
dashboard overview

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