service level performance management

Service Level Agreements


Field Specification of SLA

  • Details:
SLA Name

Enter the SLA name which is used for the contract.


Select a location from the drop-down list.

Cost of SLA

Enter the cost of SLA used in the service contract.

Default template

Select template of SLA from the drop-down list.

First response goal

First response goal % is the percentage of tickets whose first responses were sent within the SLA.

Resolution goal

Resolution goal refers to how long it takes from the time an issue is logged until it is fully resolved.

Resolved goal

Resolved goal % is the percentage of how many tickets are resolved within the time.

  • Options:
Business hours

Select the Business hours from the drop-down list.

End after visits

Enter the number of visits to contract.

End after hours

Enter the number of hours of visits end.

Warn after visits

Set warns when the visits come to end.

Min Hours for visit

Enter the minimum hours of the visits.

Contract period

Select the contract period from the drop-down list.

  • Business rules: Set the business rules for the SLA. By clicking on Add New.

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  • Business hours: Select the business of the SLA.
setup working business hours in sla
  • Spare Parts: Select the Spare parts from the drop-down list.
setup product spare parts in sla
  • Escalation: Select the escalation template from the drop-down list when the request as to be escalated.
setup escalation rules in sla
  • 4. Click Save.

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