sales order management in centrahubcrm

Sales Order


Fields Description for a New Sales Order:

  • Sales Order Information:
Sales order

Enter the order of product provided to the customer/client.

Expiry date

Deadline of product to be delivered.


Select the opportunity from which the opportunity is converted as a sales order.

  • Total Information:The information is automatically displayed when you select the opportunity type.
Sub Total

Refers to the price without tax and discount details.


To add tax rate to the sales order.


Enter discount amount for the sales order if any discount % is applicable.

Grand Total

Displays the final price after including tax and discount.


To select the currency of the country in which the client is operating.

Exchange Rate

Fill the exchange rate of client currency with respect to home currency.

Product information:


Give the product information which your customer required, by choosing the product list.


Describing important feature about the product.


Quantity of stock to be delivered.

Sales price

The price of the product to be sold which is directly taken from the price book.


Any discount on the sale of a product that should be entered in the discount column which is reduced from the sales price.


Final amount of the product is entered in this column.

  • 4. Click the Save button to save the Sales order. New Sales Order is created.

Note: Click on Cancel to cancel the current Sales order creation.

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1. Edit

To edit the sales order in detail view page.

2. View

To view all the type of sales order. You can even select from the drop-down list in view.

3. Look in

To sort by the specified user.

4. New

From the view page also you can create a new sales order.

5. Actions (3Dot)

To perform various kinds of activities.

6. Split

To view the sales order list in the split view screen.

7. Search

To search the required sales order.

8. Filter

By using the filter option you can filter the sales order.

detailed information of sales order
1. Edit

any information can be edited by this edit option.

2. Delete

You can delete complete sales order by delete button.

3. Print

You can directly take print of the sale order.

4. Email data

By using email data button you can email the information to anyone.

5. Tags

Create tags and use these tags anywhere in the module.

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