roles in centrahubcrm

Managing Roles

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Field Specification for Role List page:

  • Role Definition To define the role.
1. Name

Enter the name of Role.

2. Role Hierarchy

Select the Role Hierarchy dropdown list whom to report.

3. Description

Enter any description related to roles.

4. Available List

Available List shows the list of Profiles which can be inherited for any Role.

5. Selected List

Selected List shows selected profiles on that role using arrow option. (Profiles can be transferred from the Available List to Selected List by using arrow options)

  • Access Right: After defining the role you have to give access rights.
  • 1. Select the Application( Marketing, sales, telemarketing,etc..) to give access rights to modules.
  • 2. Select the Module name. From the dropdown list select the access rights. ( No access, public and so on)
access rights for the roles
  • 3. In the Reports and Restriction Tab, Select the required Data Access Right for the required Report.
setup repos and restriction fields
  • 4. In the Access Override Tab. Select the Module ( Module can be selected by clicking space) and Select the Sub - Module > Access Type.
setup access override fields
  • 5. Click Next to proceed.

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