sales quotation management



Field Description for the New Quote page:


Refers to the name of the Quote.


Select the Opportunity for which the Quote has to be created.

Expiry Date

Set the expiry date of the Quote.


To add any description related to the quotation.

Sub Total

Refers to the price without tax and discount details.


To add tax rate to the quote price.


Enter discount amount for the quote if any discount % is applicable.

Grand Total

Displays the final price after including tax and discount.


To select the currency of the country in which the client is operating.

Exchange Rate

Fill the exchange rate of client currency with respect to home currency.

Example: If client currency is the US dollar and the base currency is INR in which the business entity is operating then Currency Textbox should be filled with US dollar and Exchange Rate Textbox should be filled with base currency.

  • Product Information: To add the details (quantity, price, etc) of the product on the basis of Pricebook selected in Opportunity or to enter the details manually.

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  • 4. Click Save. New Quote is created.

Note: You have Save and New option to save the current Quote and automatically load a new page to create a new Quote and Cancel to cancel the current Quote creation.

1. Edit

To edit the saved Quote.

2. View

To select the view layout of the Quote page.

3. Look in

Shows the users who can access the page.

4. New

To create a new Quote.

5. Actions (3Dot)

To perform various actions on the records of quotation.

6. List Button

To view Quotes in list view or split view.

7. Search

To search any Quote just by putting in the name.

8. Filter

To find the Quotes by using filter options.

detailed information of a quotation
1. Edit

To edit the details of the Quote.

2. Clone

To clone the selected Quote and enter the required details.

3. Print

To print the details of the Quote.

4. Email Data

To email the details of the Quote.

5. Tags

To identify the Quote by a label or keyword.

6. Delete

To delete the details of the Quote.

7. Activity Stream

To check the history of actions performed on the Quote.

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