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Field Specification for Workflow List

  • Definition:
setup email notifies in workflow
1.WorkFlow Name

Specify the name of the Workflow to be automated.(In this case, it is Scheduling mass Email)

2.Execute On

Refers to the Module to which WorkFlow has to be linked.

3.Evaluate On

Refers to the condition on which the WorkFlow has to be automated. (To Schedule Mass Mail on a Periodic basis, Select the Periodic option and Define Frequency template on a periodic basis).


Refers to the priority of execution of WorkFlow, if there are other WorkFlows linked to the same Module.


( If Priority =1, then that WorkFlow is automated first).


(If Priority =2, then that WorkFlow is automated on the second basis with respect to that Module)

Note: Like ways, Priority can be assigned to WorkFlow.



  • Click Action Tab on WorkFlow List page. Click on Notification ( To create the notifications).
email notifications in workflow
1. Notifications

Click on Notifications in Action Tab of WorkFlow List page.

2. Title

Specify the Title of Notification.

3. Notification

Enter the Text that has to be shown as Notification.

4. Recipient

Select the Recipient Type for Notifications from drop down list which has to be sent. ( Select has Owner to notify the owner).

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