mass updates in centrahubcrm

Mass Update

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Field Specification for Mass Update page:

1. Module List

[ Module ] Name remains static for which data update is done. OR You can select the module from the drop-down list.

2. Available List

Click on the fields in the Available List for Mass Update and shift them to Selected List by clicking on the right arrow.

  • If you want to remove any field from the Selected list then click on the left arrow.
  • Click on Next to update Fields.
update mass update fields
  • 1. Enter the Value of Field for all records to which Mass Update has to be done.
  • Select Next for the Filter criteria.

Filter Criteria: Tab is used when Mass Update has to be done with the required criteria for records.

setup filter criteria
1. Field

Select a field from the drop-down list where conditions need to be applied.

2. Operation

Select the Operator from the Operator dropdown list. (equal to, not equal to, less than, etc….)

3. Value

Select the value for the field from the dropdown list.

4. Conjunction

If you want to add any conjunction. Select the conjunction from the dropdown list. (OR, And or Only)

preview of mass-update categories

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