managing leads in centrahubcrm



Field Description for a New Lead:


Company refers to the name of the company.


It is the salutation of the person.

Last Name

Enter the last name of the person.

Lead State

Select the lead state from the drop-down list. (Qualified or Unqualified)


Refers to the user having access to the page.


Select the campaign through which the Lead is obtained.


refers to State of the Lead. (Hot - highly interested, Warm- moderately interested and cold- not interested)

Contact Information

Enter the contact details of Lead.

Additional Info

Enter if any additional details required for the Lead.

  • 4. Click Save to save the Lead.

Note: You have Save and New option to save the current Lead and automatically load a new page to create a new Lead or Cancel to cancel the current Lead creation.

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1. Edit

To edit a Lead.

2. View

To select the view layout of the Lead Page.

3. Look in

User having access to the page.

4. New

To create a new lead.

5. Actions (3Dot)

To perform various actions.

6. List Button

To view leads in list view or split view.

7. Go

To search a specific lead.

8. Filter

To search a Lead by using filter options.

detailed information of a lead
1. Edit

To edit details regarding the Lead.

2. Delete

To delete any Lead.

3. Print

To print the required data.

4. Clone

To clone the selected Lead and enter the desired details.

5. Show details

To show complete details of the Lead.

6. Tags

To create tags.

7. Related list

Shows the list of all activities with reference to a Lead.

8. Activity stream

Shows the history of performed actions.

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