internet message access protocol in centrahubcrm


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Field Specification of Email Setting

setup email settings fields
  • Incoming Server:
Server Type

Select the Server type as "IMAP".

Incoming Address

Enter the incoming address of the CRM server.

Incoming Port NO

Enter the incoming Port number of the server.

Checking Inc. Mails every

Select the time for checking the incoming emails.

  • Outgoing Port:
Authentica tion Type

Select the authentication type as plain or binary from the drop-down list.

Outgoing Address

Enter the outgoing address of the server.

Outgoing Port

Enter the outgoing port no of the server.

Display Label

Enter the display label of that server.

  • Req secure Password & Login with full E-mail id: Select the checkbox for the secure password and login with mail id for the security of the Server.
  • Mail server Requires Authentication: Select the mail server authentication as use incoming server or login using email id.
  • 4. Click Save.

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