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Data Grid Field

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Field Specification of Data Grid

  • Field: To define the custom field specification in the module
setup field details
Group Name

Select the group name from the drop-down list.


Enter the caption to the field which you want to create.


Enter the name of the field.

Control Type

Select the control type. (Text box, phone, email, website or geolocation)

Data Type

From the drop-down list select the data type. ( text, number, string, etc.,)

Min size & Max size

Set the min size and max size to the field.

Default value

Enter the default value for the field.

Display Type

Select the display type from the drop-down list.

Tooltip text

Enter a brief explanation about the field in Tooltip text. As it helps the CRM user knows how the field can be used.

Banner text

Enter the banner text. Banner text is the watermark for giving user the idea what to enter in the field.

Regular express

Set the expression for the field.(If it is email then it should with or any kind mail address. Similarly it will be for the phone number also where it should have numericals.

Error message

Enter the error message if there will be wrong entry of data in the field.

  • Properties: Select the checkbox for properties of the field.
setup field properties
  • Format: Set the format of the data grid field.
Row span & Col span

Enter the row and col span value of the field.

Character casing

Select the character casing from the drop-down list.

Text alignment

Set the text alignment( left,centre or right).

field data grid format

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