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Custom Reports

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Fields in New Report

  • Define:
Report name

Enter a name for your new report. This is a mandatory field for a new report.

Report type

In report type, you have two categories i.e. summary or detail. You can select anyone.

Report folder

Select the type of report in which you want to add your folder.


Any description of your report you can write.

  • Select set:
  • Select set of reports which are to be available in the new report folder. [Move the reports from the available categories to available sets].
1. Detail

To view the details of the report.

2. Filter

To filter the report depending upon your requirement.

3. Row limit

You can row limit to the report.

4. Grouping

Combining the different kinds of reports.

5. Group style

In group style, you have aligned to left and align to center.

6. Delete

You can delete the report.

7. Change column order

To change the order of column depending on the requirement.

8. Sort order Columns

You can sort the reports on bases of columns.

9. Graph

Reports can be generated in the graphical representation.

  • 4. Click on Save. New Report is created.

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