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CSS Portal

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Field Specification of Access setting

Portal Name

Enter the name of the portal.

Default Created by

From the drop-down list , select whom the portal is created by.

Default request status

Select the default request status for the portal.( Here customer can raise the request through CSS portal)

Default request priority

Select the request priority from the drop-down list as high,low, medium or normal based on your customer.

User list view layout

Select the list view layout which the user should have access to view from the drop-down list.

Password policy

Set the password policy as default or high.

Request View type

Select the radio button view type depending on your customers.( It can be thread view or list view paging alignment).

Notification interval

Set the notification interval for the portal.

Welcome Note

Enter the welcome note. When the customer login to CSS portal , welcome note will get displayed.

Customer portal URL

It is the link of the portal where the user can use the link for login.

Login Based on

Select the radio button for login purpose it may through contact email password or custom field(s).

  • If you are selecting login based on as “Custom field” then select the module and field of that module from the drop-down list.
  • 5. Click Save.

After creating Access setting for the portal then you have to map the module.

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