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Fields Description for a New Activity:


Enter the type of Activity which you are going to perform.


Select the status of the Activity from the drop-down list for updating the status of the activity.

Assigned to

Select the person whom you are going to assign the Activity. In this, the user is created at the backend.

Related to

Select the related modules from the related list.

Start date time

Fill the date and time the Activity is supposped to start.

End date time

Fill the date and time the Activity has been completed.

Contact name

Fill the name of the person whom you are interacting with.


Select the purpose of meeting/call or any kind Activity you're performing.


Enter the location where the client called you for a meeting demo.


Enter the purpose of the meeting.

Schedule follow up task

It is used for the follow up of the clients or customers. It can give a reminder or alert as per the scheduled date. If you click on the checkbox schedule follow-up task, the following fields are displayed.

setup schedule activity fields in centrahubcrm
  • 4. Click on the Save and Activity is created.

Note: You have Save and New option to save the current Activity and automatically load a new page to create a new Activity or Cancel to cancel the current Activity creation.


To edit details regarding the activity.


To delete the activity.


To clone the selected campaign and enter the desired details.


You can take a print out of the activity by using the print option.


Create tags and use these tags anywhere in the module.

Activity Stream

Each and every activity update was recorded for future reference.

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