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Field Description for a New Account


Enter the name of Account.


Code refers to the code of Account.


Select the type of Account from drop-down list.


Website refers to website details of Account.

Parent Account

Parent Account refers to the main Account under which others Accounts are designed.


Owner refers to user using the CRM.


Enter the contact details of Account.


Enter the Fax details of Account.


Industry refers to industry to which Account belongs.

Address Information

Refers to address details of Account.


Enter any description to the account for future purpose.

  • 4. Click Save to save the Account.

Note: You have Save and New option to save the current Account and automatically load a new page to create a new Account or Cancel to cancel the current Account creation.

1. Edit

To edit the saved Account.

2. View

To select the view layout of Account page.

3. Look-in

Shows the users having access to that page.

4. New

To create a new Account.

5. Actions (3Dot)

To perform various actions.

6. List Button

To view Accounts in list view or split view.

7. Search

To search saved Account.

8. Filter

To find the Accounts by using filter options.

detailed account information in centrahubcrm
1. Edit

To edit details regarding the Account.

2. Delete

To delete any Account.

3. Clone

To clone the selected Account and enter the desired details.

4. Print

To print any Account.

5. Show details

To show complete details of the Account.

6. Tags

To create tags.

7. Related list

Shows all the activities related to the Account.

8. Activity stream

Shows history of performed actions with reference to Account.

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