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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Assist your sales team with the latest lead generation tools and techniques. Generate leads from multiple sources over the internet and automatically save leads into your contact database for further nurturing process.

1. Web-to-lead Forms

Wish you had more leads in your contact database? We heard you. Gather leads from social media, website, landing pages, social forums, and many other communication channels with Centra CRM's robust web-to-lead forms. Create visually appealing HTML sign-up forms, web pop-ups, exit intents, suggestions, and feedback forms, etc. with no prior coding experience. Automate lead creation with Centra CRM's smart web-to-lead forms by automatically saving lead data in your contact database once an applicant submits a web form.

2. Landing Pages

Drive your marketing campaigns with customizable landing pages to attract leads in bigger numbers. Create attractive landing pages with drag and drop options and lure your customers to visit your website. Choose from our wide range of landing page templates and customize them to your marketing campaigns to maximize conversations. Create triggers to send autoresponders to leads generated from landing pages and nurture them till conversion.

3. Know your Lead Source

Create a centralized platform to streamline incoming leads from various online sources and unify lead generation efforts to maximize productivity. Identify the source of individuals leads and leverage this data to spot sources which attract maximum leads towards your website. Concentrate your lead generation efforts on the sources which bring in maximum leads and simultaneously strengthen your efforts on the sources which underperform.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Centrahub's marketing automation tools simplify lead management by automating lead scoring, nurturing campaigns, task assignments, and many more. Collaborate team efforts and market efficiently to maximize customer retention.

1. Campaign Management

Create campaigns with drag and drop options or choose from our ready-made campaign templates and customize to suit your business requirements. Add nodes and personalize your marketing campaigns with minimum efforts. Add triggers to automate campaigns depending on your subscriber's responses. Nurture your leads with the right campaigns and convert better with Centrahub's sophisticated marketing automation tools.

2. Custommade templates

Cut your workload in half with Centrahub's customizable templates to create emails, campaigns, workflows, landing pages, and many more. Choose from a wide range of professionally drafted templates and customize to suit your requirements with easy to use, drag-and-drop options to avoid fuzzy coding procedures.

3. Automate lead scoring

Aid your marketing executives in streamlining and scoring leads with expert marketing automation features. Score leads from the moment a lead gets registered in your CRM. Automate lead scoring every time your lead acts in favor of your marketing campaigns. For example, score leads for opening emails, participating in seasonal promotions, etc. Once leads reach a predefined threshold score, qualify them as sales-ready and forward them to your sales team for closure.

Marketing Automation
Sales Automation

Sales Automation

Capture and convert sales with Centrahub's robust sales automation software. Track and monitor deal status throughout your sales pipeline. Make calls from inside the CRM and take notes to update deal status while you are on the call with your prospects.

1. 360-degree Customer View

Get a 360-degree view of your customers and prospects before your reps make contact. Access previous purchase records, live chat history, social interactions, and many more to provide personalized solutions. Store data in your cloud CRM to access contact information anytime, anywhere. Automatically update contact information every time you learn something new about your leads.

2. Create Quotations and Sales Orders

Select from our wide range of quotation templates and customize it to suit your order requirements to process deals faster. Automatically send quotations and sales orders to prospects who express interest in your products or services. Attach relevant price books and product catalogs from your document library to enable sales closure. Personalize your sales orders by applying discounts and special offers to delight customers.

3. Manage Sales Pipeline

Manage deals throughout your sales pipeline with robust sales automation tools. Track deal status, and automatically assign deals to sales reps with the help of prefabricated workflow rules. Categorize and prioritize deals which require immediate attention. Use color codes to flag and prioritize deals and add notes while you are communicating with your prospects over the phone. Easily track and convert deals throughout your sales pipeline to maximize productivity.

Service Automation

Service Automation

Offer expert customer service with robust service automation tools and generate customers for a lifetime. Aid your service reps to solve customer queries and grievances in less than minutes.

1. Create and Manage Tickets

Create a centralized platform to collect tickets from various communication channels like email, social media, live chat, etc. Streamline incoming tickets and assign tickets to service reps according to their area of expertise. Active autoresponders to frequently asked questions to reduce the workload on your service reps. Leverage chatbots to quickly address customer queries and delight customers with a minimum response time.

2. Define Service Level Agreement(SLA)

Centrahub's service automation tools help you create SLAs with ease. Either select from our available SLA templates or personally draft SLAs for multiple clients and customize each SLA to suit your business requirements. Automatically Send SLAs for approval from inside the CRM. Clearly define deadlines and service standards and comfortably edit multiple iterations until both parties come to a mutual agreement.

3. Online Appointment Scheduling

Avoid fuzzy back and forth emails while scheduling appointments with prospects and customers. Generate an online link to schedule appointments and embed it in your emails, newsletters, social media platforms, website, etc. for easy appointment scheduling. Mark the available date and time slots with color codes and add notes on individual days for better communication.

Service Automation
CRM Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Make informed decisions with Centrahub's latest reports and analytics.

1. Track and Monitor Team Performance

Centrahub's real-time reports and analytics help you monitor every activity of your service reps. Score individual team members on a leaderboard to identify best and weak performing employees.

2. Graphical Representations

Centrahub's easy-to-read graphical representations help your team quickly run through sales statistics. Leverage bar graphs, pie charts, columns, and many other graphical representations to understand sales metrics in a single glance.

3. Notifications and Alerts

Receive real-time notifications and alerts every time a prospect makes contact with your brand. Keep your finger on the pulse of your customer conversations with instant desktop, laptop, and mobile phone notifications and alerts.

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