Centra Hub CRM Management Team


Centrahub is a peoples company. We strive every minute to cater to customer requirements by analyzing the market trends to offer world-class business solutions for the best, by the best. Our team at Centra CRM has vivid experience in delivering software solutions that resolve customer issues. With a global experience through interactions with clients and customers all over the world, our management team brings experience, expertise, and dedication to the table. Trained to address the CRM needs across various industries, our management executives are forever excited and enthusiastic about expanding their boundaries across the globe.

Mr.Hasnain Ali Khan

Mr. Hasnain Ali Khan

Co-Founder, Chairman & CTO

Mr.Khan has massive experience in building global brands in the IT industry, with a specialization in business administration, and governance. During his leadership, organizations have spanned a footprint of over 17 countries across the globe. Being a Visionary and an Entrepreneur, Mr.Khan is determined to drive the board of directors of CentraHub towards excellence and perseverance with every business decision.

Mr.Ahmed Ali Khan

Mr. Ahmed Ali Khan

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Khan has foreseen the potential of global digital transformation and has rightly stipulated how drastically it can change the business environment. His wisdom has transformed organizations and helped them break and expand business boundaries through integrated software solutions. As the founder member of CentraHub, Mr.Khan brings with him a tremendous wealth of expertise in global business operations. He is determined to equip CentraHub with global exposure to craft top-notch business solutions to customers from all over the world.

Mr.Fiaz Ali Khan

Mr. Fiaz Ali Khan

Group President

Mr.Khan drives Centra CRM towards excellence with his exceptional leadership qualities. His outstanding expertise in business administration and finance empowers him to strike major business decisions as an advisor to the founding members. Skilled in vivid branches of the business administration, Mr.Khan is solely responsible for governing the financial operations of the group.

Ali Hyder

Ali Hyder

Group CEO

Mr.Hyder bears immense industry knowledge in the IT sector through his illustrious experience of 18 years in the industry. He specializes in delivering exceptional customer service through innovation and technology in the CRM industry. As a founding member and a well-wisher, he carries with him a wealth of expertise and experience, determined to steer Centra CRM towards a better tomorrow.

Nisith Naikr

Nisith Naik


Determined and dedicated towards the vision, mission, and core objectives of Centra CRM, Mr. Naik brings to the table his vast IT knowledge and expertise gathered through 23 years of experience. Known for his business excellence, Mr.Naik specializes in customizing business solutions to his target market. He believes in building a customer-centric organization that prioritizes customers needs and requirements above all. As CEO, he executes the day-to-day operations and governance through his unique leadership style and work shoulder-to-shoulder with his workforce in bringing Centra’s special flair to the products, channels, and customers.

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